Keepmoat’s Final Response

The Final Countdown

My husband asked for a final response in regards to the faked reservation form created whilst my husband was at work. Keepmoat hit upon the words “final response” and have used that to apply to the entire of our complaint. Nice way to wash their hands of the problem.

Reservation from created after my husband left the sales office at 10:30. This form has been created at 11:16 whilst my husband was at work. Bottom section close up.

Reservation from created after my husband left the sales office at 10:30. This form has been created at 11:16 whilst my husband was at work. Bottom section close up.

The below has been taken from an OCR reader and may contain mistakes although steps have been taken to correct any.



Keepmoat, Callitex Business Park, Golden Smithies Lane, Wathe Upon Dearne, Rotherham, S63 7ER Tel: 01709 766000, f. 01709 766001, w.

4 June 2014

Mr M. Simmons
Our Address

Dear Mr Simmons

Re: Plot 42, Brearley Forge, Falstaff

Further to your email of 2 June 2014 12:27 to myself and some of my team and noting your request for our “Final Response” — within 7 days. I can respond as follows:


You confirmed via email that after reviewing ‘data’ provided in full by Keepmoat as requested, that your reservation was fraudulent and it was being reported to the police as this was a serious criminal offence and it was being reported to the police as this was a serious criminal offence.

The Police have made contact with my office and confirmed they would not be taking any action in relation to your claim.

Given the above and the history of your original complaint —which relates around the cancellation of your reservation, I do not understand how you now suggest we ‘faked’ the reservation?

You completed a reservation with Keepmoat, paid a reservation fee and instructed solicitors and surveys.

As you are aware, you have also been fully reimbursed for all the above following the cancelling of the reservation.

House Design/Solar Tube

I refer you to my detailed response dated 8 January 2014 to your email of 17 December 2013.

Both issues you refer to in your latest email were addressed within this correspondence.


I accept there were issues relating to an incorrect address and email and these were accepted and information re-issued.

I would refer you to the data file we provided which has all communications both internal and external and also all correspondence between both our solicitors, through the reservation period and up to and following the cancellation of your reservation.

I do not accept there has been a lack of communication.

Dealing with the Complaint

I refer you again to my letter dated 8 January 2014.

We received email proof of your legal bill from Wilford Smith on 21 March 2014 from Ayshea Siddah <<name spelled wrong by Mark – not an OCR error>> and we subsequently confirmed the BACS payment.

Your request for sight of all data relating to your purchase was also provided in full.

I have attached a copy of my letter dated 8 January 2014 (noting the incorrect address!)

If you are still dissatisfied with my final response to your concerns, I respectfully request you take up any concerns with Tom Fenton, Project Director at the Sheffield Housing Company.

Yours sincerely

Mark Knight
Regional Managing Director

Registered Office: The Waterfront, Lakeside Boulevard, Doncaster, DN4 5PL
Registered Number: 07549600


My Husbands Response:

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your letter of 4th June 2014 in which you referred me back to your letter of 8th January 2014. In case you’ve forgotten how that letter worked out, here’s a reminder; although you never did respond.

I think I can finally conclude that you are a product of the Dilbert Principle. I don’t expect you to know what it is but you should be worried as it means there are plenty of staff below you vying for your position.

If you cannot see an issue with a legally trained member of staff who should be beyond reproach forging my signature on to a contract then your level of intelligence falls below my initial very low assessment. I’ll have another chat with the Police as from your description it seems that neither you nor they have grasped what my complaint is or you have deliberately aided and abetted a criminal and perverted the course of justice.

I note that you chose to place emphasis on ‘final response’ in your correspondence. I interpret that this means that you will be taking your ball home and I will not be receiving any more cringe worthy replies from your office. I suppose there’s only so much that a person can take. I think we both know that if our written exchanges had been a boxing match it would have been stopped a long time ago and my arm held aloft in victory.

If, on the other hand, I have misinterpreted the situation, I have saved you the trouble of actually formulating a response. Simply print off the last page of this letter and post it back to me. For your convenience I’ve used the correct postal address, I know it’s posed problems in the past, and I’ve signed it on your behalf with all the subtlety that your company signed a reservation form on my behalf. Make sure you print it in colour. If it arrives in black and white I might mistake it for a picture of Angel Delight or the icing from a Midget Gem instead of the steaming pile of turd that it is.

Top tip: If you change the name and address at the top, you can use it as a template for every letter you write.

Perhaps I am over concerning myself here, but have you been checked for any reading impediments recently. Dyslexia, for example. The reason for my concern is you have a knack of responding to questions that haven’t been asked or missing out questions completely. In your last correspondence you imply that I asked how a reservation was possible. Now, if you recall there is no dispute that I paid a reservation fee and instructed solicitors. There is however, concern that you are in possession of a document that appears to have been signed by me, but wasn’t. If you have difficulty interpreting the written word, might I suggest that you ask someone to read and explain it to you in terms you might understand.

Kind regards,

Mike Simmons.


Response to the Final Response Page Two Image


The Sheffield Housing Company at this point got involved and decided to investigate mainly because Keepmoat couldn’t be arsed to.

Well after the Sheffield Housing Company did a review into our complaint Keepmoat chose to respond again, after being prompted by my husband. After several months of getting nowhere, being lied to, being accused of being liars and criminals, being threatened with Police and court action this is what Peter Hindley (Keepmoat Homes Managing Director) had to say:

“We accept the shortfalls highlighted by the Sheffield Housing Company report and have used this as a learning experience to help us develop and implement changes to our Customer Journey Processes and Procedures going forwards.

I would like to offer my apologies for your experience overall, which on this occasion has not achieved the levels of service we strive to provide for our purchasers.”

The whole letter took up less than a quarter of a page, it probably took Peter Hindley longer to type our address then it did to copy and paste the generic corporate bullshit.

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