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A bit about Keepmoat from their website (http://www.keepmoat.com)

“…We are a £1billion company with over 100 years’ experience in community regeneration and housebuilding, giving us the skills and experience to deliver better value, better quality services, in more areas…

…We specialise in creating great places to live, work and play. We aim to create communities, not just buildings, and our work has already touched the lives of millions of people across the UK…”

Yes you have touched us Keepmoat, we feel so blessed that you came into lives and made it so much better. Please let us know how we can show our appreciation, perhaps a sacrifice of some sort? Maybe the coats off our backs?

The following is one of my personal favorite parts of what Keepmoat believe in, the below comes from their “Our Values” page on their website (http://www.keepmoat.com/about-us/why-keepmoat/our-values):

Our Values

We are proud of the way that we do business. Our success is driven by a number of key values that help us transform communities and improve neighbourhoods with the support of the best staff in the industry.”

You are proud of the way you do business, if it was me running the business I would be hanging my head in shame. But you are ashamed are you not? Go on admit it. If you are so proud of the way you run your business you would be promoting our website not trying to get it removed.

The best staff in the industry, well I hope for the sake of the rest of the industry this is not true.

“Caring and approachable  

We believe that people are paramount, whether they be our employees, customers or partners. Although we are big, we are never faceless. We work closely with everyone. We listen and are considerate to people’s needs, especially the people who live in our communities. We are helpful, friendly and approachable and always seek to build a positive rapport.”

Your staff are not caring, approachable, helpful or friendly and you have not listened to or understood our complaint.

“Truthful and honest

The only way to deliver on our promises is to be truthful and honest in what we say and do. This is essential if we are to build trust and instil an unshakeable assurance in everyone’s mind that if we say we will do something, it will get done. We give straight, open and honest answers to people’s questions and keep them informed every step of the way.”

Now this is the section that rubs against me the most. I have the unshakeable doubt that you will do the complete opposite of what you say you will.  I don’t feel like we have had straight, open and honest answers to anything. We really were not kept informed every step of the way. Plenty of last minute surprises were sprung on us, you couldn’t even give us reasonable notice of when we had to pick the kitchen never mind anything more important.

“Professional and diligent

Every job matters. The quality and finish of our work is paramount and should always be impeccable. We are proud of everything we do and take satisfaction in doing it well.”

Now this may apply to the build quality but I seriously question the professionalism and diligence of your sales staff.


We are a proactive, can-do company that is focused on the future. We have the enthusiasm, energy and knowledge to overcome problems and find solutions. We see potential in everything and treat every project as an opportunity to improve everyone’s quality of life.”

You should really change this to a reactive company that couldn’t care less about the future. If you cared about the future you would care about your reputation and in turn your customers. Not react to a problem after the horse has bolted, you would have nipped this complaint in the bud a long time ago if you were proactive and focused on the future.


We are a conscientious company and care about what we do, how we do it and the effect our work has. We want to create confident, sustainable, socially responsible communities that minimise waste and impact on the environment. We are committed to leaving behind a positive legacy for future generations.”

Responsible for what exactly? Because so far you have taken very little responsibility for any of our complaint instead blaming us, the customer. If you know the effect your work has then presumably you knew what you were doing and the comedy of errors haven’t just been honest mistakes?

“Energetic and passionate

Caring about what you do creates drive and enthusiasm that’s visible for all to see. Everything we do, no matter how big or small, should be delivered with the same commitment and passion – there’s nothing more rewarding than doing a job well. It is the hallmark of our company.”

If the hallmark of your company is doing a job well what happened with us? Or is the mark of doing a job well how long a customer’s complaint is. Because you seem determined to keep our complaint going by adding to it at each turn. I have a tip for you; if you keeping digging the hole will only get bigger. I would offer you a ladder to get out but I rather that you just rot in the mess you have created. The old phrase of You made your bed  – now lie in it.” springs to mind.

“Service driven and delivery focused

Our goals are to deliver satisfaction and to meet people’s expectations. Achieving these means always having a problem-solving attitude. Our first instinct should be to help people and to share responsibility. This goes for everyone, whether they are a client, a resident, a supplier or a colleague.”

You have not met my expectations, although you have now changed my expectations. I know for the future to run a mile from Keepmoat. Again with the word responsibility – you don’t know what this word means. Your first instinct is not to help people, your first instinct is to try to cover up the mess you have created.


We know regeneration inside and out. We keep up to date with innovation and ensure our employees are trained to the highest level in the latest construction techniques. We have the capability to produce high quality, affordable communities.”

Your construction staff may be well trained, I have to admit when viewing the house I could see no major defects, although obviously I am not an expert. But I think you need to seriously reprimand and at the bare minimum retrain your sales staff.


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  1. sam

    Love the construction staff are well trained comment lets see they don’t speak English and are really sloppy with there work. We have undergone a 300 million work and what they have done is poor quality


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