Time Line Summary

As the full timeline is so long I have summarised the events/key points which occurred since our reservation of a Keepmoat home on the 24/05/2013. Some of this summary covers points already mentioned when we first published our site in November 2013. However, several points refer to matters that we only became aware in February/March 2014 after submitting a Subject Access Request.

In Summary

  • It was not pointed out to us at the time of reservation that the plot we reserved was missing 4 windows compared to the brochure and plans we were shown
  • We only found out about the missing windows whilst driving past the development, this begs the question if we had not seen the house whilst being built when would they have notified us? If we had been living further a field, say in another City, we may have never drove past to check on progress
  • We were not given a copy of the Consumer Code for Home Builders at the time of reservation. We therefore did known what rights we should have had under this code and what standards we should have expected from Keepmoat
  • The original reservation form was replaced with a different copy which had incorrect details on and extra information on which we were not made aware of. The document was made to look like my husband had signed it and agreed to pay the annual fee of £175
  • An incorrect address being used for ourselves even when they had the correct address on the initial reservation form. When Mandy got the address wrong it was corrected by YourMove in an email sent to her. The correct address was given on the PlumLife form which was sent to Keepmoat and Keepmoat’s solicitors. The address was only partially incorrect to start with, Avenue had been replaced with Road, but at some point the postcode changed also. Incorrect home phone number and incorrect email address even though Keepmoat had been emailing my husband’s correct email address
  • Two letters sent in September from Keepmoat’s solicitor to our solicitor which never arrived
  • These same two missing letters not being chased up by Keepmoat’s solicitor for 6 weeks even though we had missed the 27th September completion deadline by over two weeks by the time they chased the matter.
  • Impossible to achieve two week deadline to complete, even though Keepmoat normally give their customers around 5-6 weeks notice
  • Keepmoat Homes knew in September that the house sale would need to complete in October but did not inform us
  • Unknown “issues” as mentioned by Stephanie that we were not made aware of
  • They fitted the wrong draw unit in the wrong place and did not inform us until after they had fitted it, even though they knew they could not fit the unit in the position specified. Although this might seem a minor point I think it highlights the lack of communication.
  • The cost of a Solar Tube being a “fortune”
  • Giving us two days to find a new buyer when our buyer pulled out, a time-scale that would be unachievable in most circumstances. Confirmed by Vanessa’s surprise when we found a new buyer
  • Breaking point pressure from Keepmoat’s staff due to varying issues mainly caused by themselves from late August onwards
  • Faxes sent to our solicitors criminal department rather than the conveyancing department which resulted in delays
  • Keepmoat talking to another customer in September about the plot even though we still had a reservation
  • The description of my husband as being a problem customer from the start
  • Lynn Wade referring to cancelling our reservation 3 times
  • Emails between Mandy and Stephanie which clearly show a dislike for us and an enjoyment taken when we could not complete on time.
  • A reluctance to follow the Subject Access Request rules and provide all the information to us. They may have been embarrassed by the emails but that does not give them a reason to not send them. In a nutshell they attempted to hide information from us.

I believe the above shows a clear lack of honesty, integrity and professionalism on Keepmoat’s behalf.

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