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  1. Rob Spencer

    Keepmoat Cambridge not my 1st rodeo
    I only an agency worker that drives plant (jcb forks)
    week 1
    On the first couple of weeks on this job which was meant to be till March 2015 there was not a lot for me to do, the management sat in there office watching youtube most the time and drinking tea.
    Week 2
    same slow start the labourers smoking in canteen and also smoking the green on site !
    week 3
    Finally hopefully do some work the brick layer come to build I got moved to a smaller site whichas had no heat nor runing water or any supervisor there, but I was the forklift driver in a new job so I tried to make a good clean safe site which I stuck signs up fencing up cleaned up but bins out got the bricks and muck for the brickies and made the best with what I had been given.
    I get on with most people I’m hard working honest and love my job driving forks
    Week 4
    16 delwings 4 house and 12 flats
    the little site I’m on is great good feelings with other Co workers the jobs moving along well scaffolderds going up all is good…
    then a site assistant manager come over to check on us finds my phone charger charging and desides to put it in his pocket…
    so I come over and see my stuff all missing then ask have you seen my charger, he says no sorry mate ?
    I looked around for it but nothing, asked him again and told me I should not be changing my phone anyway . which is ok but where my stuff. So he gets me to ask the brickies on site have they seen it. Which I know they have not, so we must of had a felt on site the gate was wide open time to call the police,
    but then Will Battam the Site Assintant Manager pulls out his pocket my stuff and laughs in my face ha ha bloody funnyman.
    (I called him a PRICK)
    That was my last week there is was told they would swap me for another driver off another site but this did not happen.
    the worst company I ever worked for…


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