Sales Executive Role

It’s always handy when a company is recruiting for a position that you need to know the roles of. Here’s Keepmoats view of what Mandy should be doing. I’ve commented where I feel the scope has not been met.

Role Scope


  • Escort visitors around the Sales complex and inform them of product prices, specifications, availability and local amenities etc
    On being shown around the show home Mandy was unable to confirm which items were included. She did not identify that the property I reserved was different from the description until being told by me. I asked the location of the nearest greenspace – she didn’t know.
  • Receive telephone enquiries from potential customers and provide appropriate sales information to encourage them to visit site
    We were encouraged to visit site via email, however, Mandy failed to turn up and failed to advise us that she would not be attending the appointment. Calls we made while outside the closed sales office were not answered.
  • Maintain contact with potential customers through regular updates of promotions etc
    Excluding addressing our complaints, Mandy has contacted us twice. Once to advise that the show home was open and it was just like the one I reserved – Wrong. Once to advise me that I have not yet selected a kitchen and this must be done the following day – Thanks for the advanced warning.
  • Maintain regular contact with existing customers on all aspects of build, sales and progression
    We have not been contacted at all regarding the build, except when I raised a complaint about the building being to the wrong orientation and specification. Even then, Mandy was unaware. Communication with myself and my solicitor has been very poor. Keepmoat decided that completion date was 25th October, but didn’t tell me or my solicitor until 17th October. Keepmoat did put the date back to 31st October, but my solicitor advised that this would be impossible and advised Keepmoat’s solicitor likewise. Despite this, Keepmoat keep contacting me via the estate agent to push for a completion on this date. Coincidentally, Keepmoats end of year falls at the end of October.
  • Follow the standard follow-up procedure with customers 21 days after legal completion to check that everything is satisfactory
  • Receive complaints/issues/concerns from customers and ensure that appropriate action is taken to address them.
    My complaint was not addressed by Mandy or 2 tiers of management above her. I have been lied to by all 3 tiers.


  • Liaise with the Sales Manager to understand targets for sales, revenues, exchanges and legal completions and endeavour to exceed these
  • Close sales by completing the reservation form and taking reservation deposits in line with the Development Price List
  • Liaise with the Sales Manager to obtain approval for proposed sales and follow the due process for non-dependent sales and assisted sales as appropriate
  • Sell the benefits of, and advise customers to use, the company recommended solicitor and financial advisor
  • Organise and progress Contours Extras on each plot (this to be done at each build stage)
  • Deal with banks, building societies, solicitors and estate agents in a confident and professional manner in order to progress each sale to exchange of contracts in 6 weeks and then through to legal completion
  • Check Contours
  • Be aware of CML inspection dates


  • Ensure Showhome is open accordingly subject to Winter or Summer agreed working hours
  • Organise the maintenance, cleanliness and presentation of the Sales Information Centre, Show Home and Landscaping to the highest standard
  • Ensure signage, including directional signs, is placed and maintained correctly
  • Ensure cleanliness of completed plots
  • Carry out routine ‘snagging’ of the Show Home to identify defects and organise appropriate remedial works
  • Ensure that personal presentation is professional and of the highest standard, including correct uniform to reflect the desired corporate image
  • Endeavour to work in line with Centre of Excellence guidelines


  • Check the qualification of customers
    At no point have I been asked by Keepmoat to prove I could afford the property. 
  • Carry out market research covering a 10 mile radius of the site regarding new build and second hand market competition; e.g. pricing structure, incentives, specifications, product types, sales availability and sales completions and provide monthly reports.


  • Update and maintain customer records on COINS, following up and chasing outstanding information as necessary
    The only time I have been chased up for information is a day before my choice of kitchen was required. Is COINS a poor system or is it not being used correctly by the sales executive? Maybe I’ll submit a Subject Access Request and see exactly what is stored.
  • Hold and minute weekly meetings with the Site Manager in order to monitor and progress each plot
  • Maintain stocks of stationary and office supplies, ensuring items put away following delivery
    Help to Buy application forms were not available when I visited the office to pick one up.
  • If needing to leave the site during Sales Office hours, then ensure that permission is granted from the Sales Manager

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