Threat to Come to Our Home

Whilst on holiday my husband received a call from Glenn Merrin, Mandy Merrin’s husband. He threatened to come to our home if his wife’s name was not removed from our website.

We stand by what we have wrote on this site, we will not be removing her name.

This was reported to the Police and Keepmoat on the day which it occured – 3rd of June 2015. Keepmoat acknowledged our correspondence and said they would respond to our complaint “shortly”.

On the 7th of July I sent an email as we had still not had a response – no response, it has taken them 5 weeks to say absolutely nothing about what happened. What concerns us more about this threat is that we have seen an email in which an unknown Keepmoat employee writing to a colleague states that they will make sure we pay for what we have done.

I have given Keepmoat more than plenty of time to respond, I can only assume at this point they are not going to.



Keepmoat reply to us. They sent a letter dated 14th of July in which they say they responded to us on the 10th of June – this letter was sent recorded delivery but was lost according to Keepmoat. In the June letter they asked for further information regarding the call.

The 14th of July letter states that as we did not provide further information they have completed a full investigation without further details (even though they are well aware we did not receive the letter dated 10th of June). They have not found a data leak and have suggested that my husband phone number maybe available in the public domain – clearly a cop out rather than admitting Mandy got his phone number via her job at Keepmoat. His number is not in the public domain and even if it was what are the chances that Mandy went to great effort looking for his number when she could just check her emails or log onto COINS to retrieve his information? It’s not bloody likely – she got via working at Keepmoat plain and simple.

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