Not Just Keepmoat, Government Petition

I thought I would link to a few other non-Keepmoat related complaints. Sadly it’s not just Keepmoat that make a hash of things. Just a few unhappy new build purchasers below.

David Wilson Home Complaint:

Barratt Home Complaint:

Crest Nicholson Homes Complaint:

Petition Government

There is currently a petition to set up a New Homes Ombudsman, there is certainly a need for something to keep housebuilders in check. As it is they can seemly do whatever they like – there is no comeback.

From the email I received from New Home Owners and Snagging Forum (

“The only way the housebuilding industry will change for the better is if enough people sign this petition.

A group of MPs had an Inquiry last year into the quality of new homes. The Inquiry Report made ten recommendations, including the setting up of a New Homes Ombudsman.

The only way to ensure all new homebuyers get better protection, is if enough people sign this petition, forcing a government debate. It is that simple.

Please sign the petition (it will only take a minute) and e mail it to everyone in your address book and share with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Change will only occur if enough people stand up. Todays new home is tomorrows old home.
This issue will affect everyone sooner or later.”

Misery at Cutlers View

Residents at Park Spring Drive, Norfolk Park, at fed up with the disruption caused by the new housing estate Cutlers View which is being built by Sheffield Council’s partner Keepmoat.

Problems are being caused by lorries tearing up the road causing potholes which is in turn damaging cars. Screws in the road causing punctures, Keepmoat builders using the residents parking spaces and blocking residents in.

More see.

Police confirm Forgery

A police officer from the South Yorkshire Police force has confirmed that Keepmoat forged this reservation form:

Reservation from created after my husband left the sales office at 10:30. This form has been created at 11:16 whilst my husband was at work.

Reservation from created after my husband left the sales office at 10:30. This form has been created at 11:16 whilst my husband was at work.

Reservation from created after my husband left the sales office at 10:30. This form has been created at 11:16 whilst my husband was at work. Bottom section close up.

Reservation from created after my husband left the sales office at 10:30. This form has been created at 11:16 whilst my husband was at work. Bottom section close up.

However, due to lack of evidence that Keepmoat did this with the intent of receiving financial gain the Police have closed the investigation. Funny how Tom Fenton, Peter Hindley and Mark Knight didn’t even believe that Keepmoat had committed forgery.

New Build Council Flat with Plastic Sheeting for a Ceiling

A young Mum and her 5 year old daughter having been living in a newly built council flat which has had problems almost from day one.

There has been a lack of heating and hot water, cracked windows, unusable kitchen draws and the worse of all the ceiling has collapsed. Keepmoat came to repair a leak in the ceiling but the problem came back worse – the ceiling began to bulge before collapsing and dumping dirty water all over the tenants living room. This damaged her brand new furniture and belongings.

Other tenants in the block have also experience problems with leaks and one other also has polythene sheeting for a ceiling. One tenant could not use her bedroom light for a year because of water coming through it.

Keepmoat say they are working to fix the problems.

See article:

70 Faults in Dream Home

What do you get for reporting 70 fault in your new dream home you moved into 2 months ago? A patio – well OK Keepmoat have offered to sort the problems out as well, but the family who owns the property were looking for something a bit more than a few extra paving slabs being thrown in.

The couple and their child are facing having an internal wall knocked down and rebuilt, as well as flooring being ripped up and replaced in the en-suite, kitchen and bathroom. This is more than a few minor snags.

Full Hull Daily Mail article :

Norfolk Park – Cutlers View – Mud, Mud, Mud

One of the other Sheffield Housing Company/Keepmoat developments in Sheffield, Cutlers View at Norfolk Park, is being plagued by muddy roads from Keepmoat’s vehicles driving around the site and then onto the roads.

This story has been featured on BBC Radio Sheffield and their Facebook page:

Keepmoat say they sympathise with the residents and are working to clear up the roads.

Circle Housing Merton

I have linked to a previous article about a whistleblower claiming Keepmoat are charging for work they have not done as part of the refurbishment work undertaken by Circle Housing Merton. The residents are now complaining about the poor workmanship, staff being sent to jobs with the wrong tools and the same issue of overcharging for work.

Keepmoat are “taking the allegations extremely seriously and agreed to participate in an independent audit commissioned by Circle Housing Merton Priory (CHMP).” So you won’t be ignoring Circle Housing or it’s residents then? I hope Circle Housing Merton Priory (CHMP) haven’t fallen for Keepmoat’s bullcrap – we reported fraud and it was ignored so why would they bother to investigate these claims?

Article in full:

Spacious Modern Yours

Keepmoat Homes have recently abandoned their “Promise.Delivered.” slogan. Perhaps they felt our take on their slogan was hard to compete with and much more accurate than their own.

Their new slogan is now “Spacious Modern Yours”, not quite as snappy as the old one but no one has taken the piss out of it yet. It is still not accurate of the service you will get from Keepmoat as it implies they will sell you house not lead you up the garden path.

Also the “Our values” page as changed on their website, see original and our comments here: . They have banished the words “truthful and honest” from their page. I would have preferred they use words like dishonest, shifty and underhanded to describe themselves but I can’t see adjectives like that being suggested by their PR department.

No hot water, no heating, no electricity

Residents have each been offered £500 for 7 months of problems after Keepmoat Homes were contracted to improve homes in Sutton. They have suffered problems with a lack of hot water, heating and at no electricity at times.

Article found at: Sutton Guardian

The contractors also show a lack of respect to the tenants letting themselves in unannounced and leaving a mess – something reported by other tenants on the Keepmoat Beware? and Keepmoat ruined my refurb Facebook pages.