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  1. leslie impey

    we had keepmoat doing work on the outside of the house in luton ,the work took 2 month longer than stated they done a lot of damage and all they say is we get back to you .Luton council employed keepmoat to do the work and now the damage is done we can not get answer,s to whom is going to repair the damages

    1. admin Post author

      You might find some help and support here:

      It is a group set up by tenants that have had refurbishment work done by Keepmoat.

      Have you tried complaining to Luton council? It is there responsibility, which contractor they have chosen to do the work is not of your concern. Luton council are the ones who need to put it right, complain to them and they should give the needed kick up Keepmoat’s bum to get them to repair the damage.

  2. Lee

    This seems like the right place for me. This is a general complaint about just how useless Keepmoat really are:

    My partner and I purchased a house in Hull about 2 years ago (or is it 3), we’ve had a string of issues that have lasted over that time and some are still ‘un-resolved’:

    1. The sales team are pushy, these are houses not cars! We viewed the house once and got a call the same evening saying if we wanted the property we had to commit by the next day…buying a house is a huge commitment (especially at £120,000), it’s no wonder people end up in huge debt, especially first time buyers (which thank God I’m not). Not only that but we had to complete within 9 days so that it sat nicely into the years figures. Unfortunately 4 of these 9 days were the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, how we achieved that to this day I have no idea, but they weren’t impressed that we completed after the 1st April so sadly for them it didn’t fit into the yearly figures.

    2. We had a leaking balcony door. Whenever there was heavy rain downpour; water was getting in through the seal and ran down under the carpet and soaked into the insulation. This in turn caused the ceiling in the room below to get damp and there were large areas of water damage. This was reported promptly at the time and took them several months to come down and assess (as if it wasn’t a priority). After “completing” the job (and by “completing” I mean painting the ceiling in the room underneath), when the next heavy downpour occurred guess what happened…the same thing. This was once again reported to Keepmoat, this time demanding an explanation as to why this was ‘completed’ but not…the answer…they couldn’t find an issue. With this they sent out a builder to investigate, we had already established by this point that the issue was with the seal on the door, and informed Keepmoat of this, so why would I need a builder sending round? And that’s exactly what the builder said when he arrived, this information was communicated back to Keepmoat. After hearing nothing from either party for some time we contacted Keepmoat again about the issue, by this point the ceiling in the room below was starting to crack under the weight. They said they would send someone round ASAP…who turned up?..the same builder, who once again informed us that this was not his area and that there was an issue with the door seal…we know all this already. Finally after what felt like 8 months (right across winter as well) did we finally get the door looked at my the people that fitted the door. Fingers crossed this has resolved the issue…but they still haven’t (and now have no intention as I am out of my 2 year warranty) to repair the ceiling. All in all this stemmed from June 2013 well into 2015.

    3. Issues with the boiler, what some would class as a priority, Keepmoat clearly didn’t. After speaking to Keepmoat several times over the course of several months I got the work done myself as living without heating is not something I’m prepared to do…however I did receive a nice letter one year to the date of my initial call saying that they had just found my outstanding call on the system and wandered if I still had an issue…are you joking…after 1 year…no thanks I’ve done it myself.

    4. We have a ‘heat recovery’ system, one of these new modern heating solutions that’s the bees knees…we’ve had nothing but problems with that to the point where it recently died again and I can’t be bothered to do anything with it.

    5. The classic car park management agreement. For the first 2 years the management of the private ‘secure’ parking behind the houses was owned by Keepmoat. After this time the management was taken over by a third party company…however not all of it as so would appear. Now bearing in mind this is a ‘secure’ car park, which our car insurance relies on, 1 of the 2 electronic gates that open into this area is so badly damaged in fact that for 6 months it was taped up ‘not to use’, and is now in fact…not there at all. Now obviously, Keepmoat did inform us that the management of the car park had been passed to a third party company, of whom I recently contacted to find out why the gates hadn’t been repaired and not only that but to find out why they had been taken down…the answer…these gates still belong to Keepmoat. Well there’s a surprise, so 2nd point of contact…Keepmoat, who tell us…that they’re not responsible for the management of the car park any more and that “***” is. That sounds like Keepmoat. So 3rd point of contact was back to the third party management company whom assure me that they are not responsible, and can confirm that Keepmoat did in fact dismantle the gates, with (if I heard correctly), no intention to replace them. So our secure car park is now actually…not secure. Thanks again Keepmoat.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Lee,

      Would you be prepared to name the management company? Keepmoat’s Directors like to distribute management work among themselves – it’s a nice easy guaranteed income. So you might find that Keepmoat Homes and the management company have a Director in common. It’s not possible to fob you off between the two companies if you’re dealing with a director of both.

      1. Lee


        The name of the management company is Blue Property. Though I would like to say that the people at Blue Property have been extremely helpful, I have no quarrels with them as this time, I have issues over what it is I am exactly paying for but that’s a separate issue.

    2. Lee

      Well it’s December 2016, a year on from my initial report, so I thought it was time to add an update.

      In relation to the above points:

      2. The balcony door has STILL not been repaired, this has once again been reported to Keepmoat, who are no longer interested as we are out of Warranty. I have sent a complaint into Keepmoat stating that this is ridiculous as this is an issue we’ve had since we moved in nealry 4 years ago which they still haven’t resolved, but I do not hold out much hope for a reply. The room below the leaking balcony door now smells musty of damp insulation, and the crack in the ceiling has got far worse causing it to let through quite a substantial amount of water.

      On a side note: my neighbour has the same issue.

      4. The heat recovery system has not worked since.

      5. As for the car park, Blue Property assumed responsibility for the Car Park after Keepmoat and have bricked up one of the 2 electronic gates. As for the 2nd electronic gate, this is currently wide open and is not working, over the past 12 months it worked for about 2 days!!!

      What a joke this company is. I can honestly put hand on heart and say this was without a doubt one of the biggest (and definitely most expensive) mistakes I’ve made, committing to buy a property from these clowns. One of which I am going to have to put up with for many years to come.

      1. Lilly

        I would like to do the same… It is definitely the biggest mistake we done… We moved in on 31st of January and from the first day we had many issues with everything…. with leakings in the kitchen, toilets, even with unsafely installed electricity! When the guy from british gas came to fit in a smart meter he was shocked… there is quite a few screws missing and the electric fuses is not even sealed… this company is an absolute joke….

  3. Ayub Ali

    We are the tenant of circle 33 and keep-moat are appointed by circle 33 to repair boiler. Our boiler was damaged by keep moat,s engineer when he came to service it . It,s been two month we had no heating and hot water. We phoned keep moat so many times to come and fix our boiler but they gave us three four appointments but never turned up. Last time abut one month ago some one came and said boiler need a new parts and soon he is coming with parts, then they disappeared. We phoned them again and again and tried to talked to the manager ,but failed. the customer service people said their manager is busy with meeting.We were lucky last week someone came to fix the boiler, but unfortunately he said his colleague ordered the wrong part, so ,he cant fix it. He said he is going to order the right part and when part available someone is coming to fix it. He can,t give any timetable . During our tenancy we saw so many contractors but we didn’t,find any worse contractor like keep-moat . They have no minimum courtesy. they have no responsibility. they have no humanity. We know now a days people can make a five star hotel in two months time, but they can,t fix our boiler. Same circle 33 has no responsibility towards their tenants. Their customer service is worse.We are very disappointed the way keep moat behaved with us.

  4. Firon Miah

    I would largely agree with the above and we have been through same poor customer service through circle33 housing and their contractor Keepmoat.

    My mother is elderly and disabled and this was notified to circle 33 about 3 months ago when we requested repairs to be done on faulty radiator and immersion heater leakage. In both jobs Keepmoat was involved to do the repairs. They failed to attend 3 appointments for both jobs and said that they had text landline when they could not attend. Finally someone came and sort of fixed the radiator job and said that the best he could do or anyone else could do. This job is still open with Circle 33 and with Keepmoat, every time we phone they keep referring to this and we have to ask to close this.

    Now with regards to fixing immersion heater leakage to date all Keepmoat have done is wrapped a piece of cloth around the leakage and this is how it stands. we have to replace this and clothing / waiter collector below every so often. on the 4th appointment an engineer named Faizol? attended from Keepmoat and said Automatic Air Vent ( AAV ) needs replacing and he ordered this on 5 or the 6th December 2016 and said this should come with few days and he should then be able to come and fix this. Since then no contact was made. I had to then chase this up and after speaking to someone at Circlee33 they arranged for the same engineer Faizol? to come on Wednesday 28 Dec 2016. He did attend but without the part AAV and so left – i offered to buy one from a DIY shop around the corner but he said he didnt have tome to wait. Why did he attend / cirecle 33 / keepmoat send him without the part when they knew part needed to be replaced.

    I then contacted Circle33 again on the same day and they arranged another date Friday 30 Dec 2016 for an engineer to attend with part AAV to replace and stop the leakage – emphasizing that they make sure whoever attends bring the part with them. A different engineer did attended on 30 Dec 2016. I asked when he was here to do. He read from his phone notes saying AAV part replacement required etc. I asked him if he had the part he said no – I asked him why not he said he didn’t know, he was not told, job notes he read states part need replacing – was not obvious that you need the part to do the job!!! stupid idiots!!! – so he left saying he will call office Keepmoat and try and see if he can get part and will come back – did not!. I phoned Keepmoat spoke to advisor called Nick Simpson explained the above – he was dismissive, did not want to acknowledge any errors from their side, instead blamed Circle33 saying they had to broken the job down for them or the engineer as to what exactly needed to be done and that the reason the engineer attended was not to actually do the repair because it was not specified but rather do an assessment.

    He did arrange a further appointment due on Wed 4 Jan 2017.

    Seems there is a breakdown in communication between Circlee 33 and Keepmoat no one is sure as to whats happening on either side and they tend to blame one another for their incompetent staff/work.

    1. Brigid Shickle

      We live in a flat in Lightmoor built by Keepmoat. We moved here in April 2015 since we’ve moved here we have had several issues with Keepmoat as regards shabby workmanship. Our main issue is completion of the road Ray’s Meadow which is outside our block of flats but has been put off. Completion was started October 2016. 2 weeks into the work it was found that all the services and about 7 manholes were under the temporary road so completion came to a halt. This is now February and we have been told that this will not be done until some time this year no definite date. This is appalling in my opinion as they don’t want to know and are very rude and avoid any straight answers. We are also paying maintainance fees to Bournville trust which Keepmoat are still responsible for are taking so long to do repairs and don’t want to know when you phone and complain. This is no joke and is causing us a lot of stress and frustration. In my opinion Keepmoat are a joke and a bunch of Cowboys from the top down. I would never entertain buying a property from them again.

  5. Ian Ambrose

    Where do I start well the company who tell you that there development will not impact on the surrounding area utter rubbish we have had nearly 12 months of hell Of our street being used as a car park, a contractors changing room, rude sub contractors etc, I am wondering what part of the considerate contractors scheme they understand!

    1. Jackie Stark

      We are getting a developnent built behind us also.. This company has lied to us from the word go! Told us it would be about 2 years before they start next thing we get a letter telling us work commences the following week. Told us where the boundry will be then try getting their contractors to put a big fence up.against mine… Managed to get that moved to now see they are putting a smaller one there again… Time i went to council to put in complaint!!

  6. Esther

    This Company is shocking! DO NOT PURCHASE THROUGH KEEPMOAT!

    We are in the process of buying our first home from Keepmoat. We reserved the house in Oct 2016 and was advised that the build will be completed by March 2017.

    It is now August 2017 and after 7 notifications of continuous delays, we are still not in our home. They are extremely dishinest when it comes to realistic timescales. The latest update we have received is that the house is anticipated to be built by Novemeber 2017 and this is still not a guaranteed date and we have lost all confidence with Keepmoat, as they have been very untrustworthy.

    Resource on the building site seemed to be thin on the ground, there was very little progress from the get go. Therefore, providing very unrealistic timescales for completion from the beginning.

    The delays have caused an incredible inconvience to us as a family as our children have started new schooling in the area we have purchased our new home, as we were hoping to have moved in time for September start of school term. And as we live in another town 40 miles away, we now have to commute our children 40 miles in, to take them to school without having relocated yet and then having to travel back to our respective jobs 40 miles in the opposite direction and back to collect them after school has finished, then drive back again to where we currently reside 40 miles away.

    When raising the issue to Keepmoat they were extremly flippant and provided the only option to us which was to cancel our contracts, rather than offer any form of compensation for our inconvience caused by them. They reiterate that they are not obliged to provide compensation, essentially a put up and shut up tactic, as their get out clause is that they have only provided anticipated dates which are not set in stone.

    This we thought was extremly poor customer service. They show very little empathy nor responsonility for causing such lengthy delays and if we haven’t had to wait so long, as well as having already started our children at new schools in the area, out of principle we would have cancelled our contract.

    However, we would not recommend this builder to anyone… as a first time buyer the whole buying experience has been absolutely appalling as a result of the disservice that they have provided.

  7. Pat

    Me and my partner bought a keepmoat home what a joke !!! Think really hard before you buy a house of this company. when we first enquired about the house they where all there fie us but as soon as you give them the money your nothing to them. The carpets we payed for to be upgraded where not the ones we choose as they had been very conveniently lost with kitchen we choose. So we where told we could have others at the price we payed as the sales manager said we where getting a good deal on that but in her words “don’t tell anyone else” only to find out we payed just what others had they also said we would get fencing hahaha another lie had to pay out £800 pound for it. Carpets and vinyls laid on floors that where not cleaned so all bumps in it. The walls are a messy out can see the joins and as for them painting it another joke. And as the builders keep informing me when talking to them oh these houses are just thrown up well you right there. Think the Plummer who put boiler rads and sinks had a dodgey eye as not put on straight. DO NOT BUY A HOUSE FROM THIS MONEY ROBBING company as you will have nothing but stress… wish I’d never clapped eyes on them

  8. Rob denney

    Keepmoat are currently in the process of destroying my home sorry I mean fitting a new bathroom. I’ve been in the building trade since I was 16 I’m now 40 and there a disgrace to the profession if I produced work to there standards I wouldn’t get paid no consideration that when they leave the property it’s actually someone’s home how they keep getting the contract is beyond belief. The sooner they leave the better so I can put it right god help you all if your waiting for them to start a job

  9. Jack

    It’s amazing to see all the comments here and to see I am not the only one having major problems with shower of shit calling themselves a building company. My partner and I bought our first new build home from Keepmoat in Coalville and they are the biggest joke I have ever seen and really don’t care about anyone but themselves and their profits. Our was “completed” on 17th March 2017 I put completed in speech connotations because it was no way near complete we had slabs up on the back of the patio, no electrics in the garage and no bulbs in the outside lights we paid an extra £100 each for! 1 month after moving in did we only get the garage electrics in and then a further 2 weeks for the patio slab to be put down! We finally got 1 bulb in the front light 4 months after moving in and got sick and tired of asking for the bulb for the back one that I had to go out and buy one!

    In addition to this we’ve had leaks from the bathroom shower due to shocking workmanship which took over 4 weeks to reseal and it still isn’t right! We couldn’t even shower in the en-suit because of a cracked tile that is popping out and damage the water would cause, notified 3 months ago about that and guess what still nothing done. They are absolute idiots we have creaking floorboards on stairs and landing, radiators that are put on at a 45 degree angle (does no-one have a spirit level at Keepmoat?) we also put curtains up in our kitchen diner over the French doors (put in by a professional) which cracked all the way round and holes appeared above and below the holders (was told by Keepmoat this wasn’t there problem whoever put them up put them up wrong!) guys a structural engineer who used to put curtains up for a living so pretty sure that’s bollocks! We have lino in both bathroom and en-suit with no seal around it so water has got under the lino causing it bubble and wave. We have internal walls out by miles and the front door doesn’t even shut properly without it slamming. I could go on and on and on to be honest be here typing till midnight!

    The worst part is the garage as the walls both inside and outside are miles out of line bricks sticking out both sides which suggests two different types of bricks or two different sizes asked them sort it they said could you not live with it like that! So we said we’d contact the NHBC and that fired a rocket up their arses because all of a sudden they are saying they will do something about it but we are not happy with proposal as the bricklayer who came to examine it said the bricks are fine on the inside it only has to be level on the outside (spoke to friends who are private builders pretty much laughed their heads off at the statement saying that’s ridiculous bricks should always be level both sides) this dispute is still ongoing and we have now resorted to contacting the NHBC about all the problems wrong with the house also putting blame onto them as one of their inspectors passed this house off and we want another inspector to come out and actually properly inspect it!

    Amount of stress and hassle this cause is just horrendous especially for first time buyers and can’t even believe this company has an NHBC certificate also be very very wary when you report problems we have giving huge lists to the Site Manager but only a few items have gone on record (this is because it gives them a bad rating if there is loads of problems) so we have emailed the NHBC with copies of all the problems associated with the house and have photographic evidence also to back up the claims!

    Keep on going guys and keep your heads up!!

  10. Adam

    We have just bought a house at their new development Heron’s Reach in Bradford. This is the worst company to buy a house from I suggest anyone reading this please stay away from these set of cowboys! We’ve been here 10 weeks and we’ve had nothing but problems!! In the first week I picked up on 30 defects, I don’t know anything about houses and were first time buyers, some of them were really bad (and still are!), don’t even know who’s passed the house! Some of the bricks on the house were split through the middle, the house brickwork/mortar is in 2 different colours, we have gaps in some of the windows and the patio door, 3 water leaks around the house, the lounge ceiling is still water-damaged, the pointing around the house is missing from numerous places, a chunk of ceramic broken off from the bathroom sink, the plaster and paintwork is unbelievably poor!! The house was fully carpeted by these a**holes and every 5 steps you take, your standing on rubble/screws/rubbish underneath the carpet, the floors weren’t swept before the carpet went down! These houses were surely built by apprentices/trainees, I could go on forever, the list is never ending, every day we discover new defects, it’s come to a point we’re in the process of instructing an independent surveyor. Our neighbour have had theirs done by a surveyor and the report has come back with over 200 defects & recommendations!! One of them is a whole wall needs knocking down and re-doing! The sales team are a set of twats! (Minus one who has been really helpful tbh). We was mis-sold the house, was told our garden will be the flattest on site, but in fact on the day we completed we discovered it was as steep as Mount Everest!!! They hid important information like the leasehold from us, we knew nothing about a leasehold etc only discovered the “scam” after watching a tv programme! Aggressive behaviour, particularly by one of the cowboy sales team, it’s only been 10 weeks here and we’ve had many broken promises which has resulted us in spending £1000’s already! I strongly advise you all stay away from Keepmoat Homes, they promise you the world until you exchange contracts, and as soon as you complete, they will become your worst nightmare! Only if we could turn the clocks back!!

    1. HMB

      Hey I’m also in Keepmoat herons reach been here seven months….have you had trouble with waterlogged back gardens? Mines a swimming pool practically!

  11. Eleanor Beckett

    I love the area where my house is built. We have had three new build moves in our years of marriage and this company is the worst we have ever encountered . The company has now vacated the site it to now a year since purchase and are still waiting for drives to be tarmacked . I rang customer care and were told it was not their problem . MY ADVICE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

  12. CG

    I bought in 2015. Still have issues. We have had numerous leaks. No one takes responsibility, staff are rude and even arrogant at times. House buying is stressful enough. Issues with blue property. Mind you I have been informed by our legal representative the residents together can vote out the service provider. We pay for the service so we an decide who provides it. They just don’t let you know and don’t invite all the residents to the annual meeting,when they should disclose all costs and payment to breakdowns. We pay more towrds salaries of the secretary and others than we do for the maintenance!

  13. Sadhana Stokes

    Pleased to find this website.
    We bought a keepmoat home in Leicester at Frog island and were astute enough to get a Snag Survey carried out after completion. The survey found 170 defects several of them serious.
    I am now following a formal complaint with view to taking it to NHBC.


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