70 Faults in Dream Home

What do you get for reporting 70 fault in your new dream home you moved into 2 months ago? A patio – well OK Keepmoat have offered to sort the problems out as well, but the family who owns the property were looking for something a bit more than a few extra paving slabs being thrown in.

The couple and their child are facing having an internal wall knocked down and rebuilt, as well as flooring being ripped up and replaced in the en-suite, kitchen and bathroom. This is more than a few minor snags.

Full Hull Daily Mail article : http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/Family-8216-70-faults-months-8217-new-Keepmoat/story-26030032-detail/story.html

One thought on “70 Faults in Dream Home

  1. HarveySoB

    Buying the home of your dreams usually consumes all of your available resources as well as everything you can borrow. You sure don’t want to wake up to an unexpected $3,000 repair bill for a new heating system three months after you move in.


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