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Keepmoat can’t get enough of MyKeepmoatHell

Keepmoat are desperate to look at our website. Keepmoat refused to respond to any more correspondence from us last year (2014). However, they kept coming to our website and using up a huge amount of bandwidth.

So with this in mind we decide to block their IP address. After all they believe the matter is closed so why keep checking our website?

Subsequently Keepmoat changed their IP – so we blocked that – just so they could visit mykeepmoathell, but why bother when they don’t care what we have to say?

We get it Keepmoat: you don’t give a shit what people think of your company, your brand image is meaningless and has no worth, you don’t care what your staff do and you don’t care who they do it to. Sums it up, right? Probably not because why would you keep visiting the site? My guess is one of the named parties, maybe you Mark Knight, doesn’t like the personal stuff?

Mark, if it is you, you can’t say we have lied. You can’t say that we didn’t give you opportunity to put things right. You can’t say that our opinions are not based on fact (that is the opinion of you being a bit of a tit). I pointed out to you that unless my husband had mastered time travel or he has a doppelganger he couldn’t have signed that reservation form, yet you still claim that it wasn’t forged. We can make only one conclusion from that: you’re not the sharpest tool in the box. Now I’m not saying that to offend, I’m just speaking my mind. I believe in freedom of speech even if that means what one person has to say offends another.

I’m sure you will be back to the site, I could tell you how but I’m sure you have or will be asking your IT team what to do. You’re paying them so you might as well use them.



PS Mark: You might have had the video taken off YouTube but sadly for you this website doesn’t follow the same rules.