Customer Charter

“Customers are our first consideration”

After doing a bit of digging I have come across Keepmoat’s Customer Service Charter dated September 2012 (this is the most up to date version I can find:

“We, as a company, have trained staff who are aware of our key legal responsibilities and are available to help our customers throughout the purchasing process.” – I wonder what would have happened if they hadn’t been trying to help?

The document states, under the section titled “Making a reservation”, “A copy of our Customer Charter and The Consumer Code will be given to the customer, if not previously supplied.” – We didn’t receive either.

And after reading the document I have now, finally, found out what the complaints procedure is “If any customer is not satisfied with our service, they should make a complaint in writing and address this to our Regional Managing Director, clearly stating their issues. This letter will be receive a response within 7 working days.”

And my personal favourite quote from the document – “At Keepmoat, customers are our first consideration. We will endeavour to make the purchase of a Keepmoat home a pleasant experience and your ownership a delight.

Peter Hindley
Group Business Development Director”

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