Singing the praises and the 7% rise in Sheffield House Prices

Published yesterday 15/07/2014 on the Sheffield Housing Company’s website: Sheffield is New Home Hotspot

An article all about how popular the homes are, how they are built to exacting standards, the bit where they show a happy couple holding the keys to their new home – nothing unexpected. The bit that caught my attention though was this: However, unlike in the South East, where Help to Buy has been cited as one of the reasons for dramatic house price rises, that is not the case in Sheffield.  Here mortgage companies are being very strict on valuations and prices have increased by around 7% on average over the past year*.

* According to statistics from the Nationwide House Price Index report – June 2014.”

So buying now means I pay on average 7% more, it is a shame I couldn’t have bought last year – oh hang on a minute I could have if Keepmoat had delivered their promises.

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