We Have Exchanged!

Well after the nightmare Keepmoat put us through we were put off buying but as we have a toddler and a baby on the way we really wanted to move so they were settled in before the our little boy started nursery. We started looking at houses earlier this year, we decided no new builds and instead have been looking at ex-council houses.

It was harder for me to deal with the whole housing stuff (I just tended to not think about it unless I had to), my husband has coped a lot better as his attitude was it can’t be as bad as it was with Keepmoat. He was right we wanted to a buy a house the vendor wanted to sell. No jumping through hoops to get there, all fairly straight forward and we exchanged on Thursday (24/07/2014).

We are due to complete on the 1st of September as that is when the vendors 2 year fixed deal runs out – to be honest I don’t really care when we move as long as it was before Christmas, I’m just glad we are moving at all!

We used the same solicitor as last time and the vendor was using the same EA as we were using last time, so we ended up dealing with Karen from YourMove again. Again neither us nor the EA had trouble with getting hold of our solicitor and neither did the vendor’s solicitor – funny how it was only Keepmoat who had trouble getting hold of him? Anyway I don’t want to dwell on that I just thought it was worth mentioning.

Our new arrival is due on the 3rd of August so that is something else to look forward to along with our wedding anniversary next week (knowing our luck the baby will probably arrive on the same day!). The whole baby thing too so far has been a lot easier, I have anti-bodies which can effect the baby and had to be induced early last time as the anti-bodies can have more of an effect the longer the pregnancy goes on. I had to have loads of extra scans and blood tests too to check the baby was OK, this time the anti-bodies levels are low enough for me not to need extra scans and to be allowed to go into natural birth.

The house itself doesn’t need any work, I don’t normally might a bit of DIY but with two small kids it will nice to be able to move in and not start ripping things out! The only thing I plan on doing is decorating the kids bedrooms other than that it can stay as it is for the time being.

So it turns out that buying a house isn’t always so stressful!


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